This is it. Several stomach-churningly difficult decisions had to be made.

    There were six teams that deserved to be 2 seeds, but two of Auburn, Duke, Kentucky, Purdue, Tennessee, and Villanova had to be bumped to the 3-line. I bumped Duke and Purdue.

    One of Illinois, Wisconsin, and UCLA will be the last three seed. Despite what the committee signaled it would do during its top 16 preview three weeks ago, I decided that Wisconsin’s resume was just too compelling, despite their suboptimal NET.

    The last 6-seed was especially challenging. Colorado State, Michigan State, Murray State, and Ohio State all had serious cases to make. I ultimately went with Colorado State on the grounds that they were the least likely of the bunch to be an 8-seed.

    North Carolina and Memphis are both probably better than Marquette, Iowa State, and Creighton, but the latter group just racked up too many high-quality wins with very few bad losses. As such, the last 9 seed will go to UNC, unless Memphis beats Houston in the American.

    The bubble. The most challenging bubble I’ve ever had to deal with. Normally you can bank on 65 or 66 teams being locks in the tourney. This year, it’s just 62. The last 6 slots are anyone’s guess. The most agonizing choice was the very last slot: Oklahoma, Rutgers, or Wyoming? I felt like Wyoming most the most deserving, but feared that the committee would choose Rutgers.

    I was burned for being cynical the last time I did this (three years ago, when I wrongly believed that the committee would deny a deserving Belmont team of a bid), so this time I’m putting my faith in the committee. Rutgers ran from the grind in non-conference play––they essentially played a box of cupcakes, and lost to two of them. They should be punished for that, especially given their terrible NET. Oklahoma ultimately wasted too many Q1 opportunities to merit a spot in my book. It really is a toss-up, though.

    Chattanooga vs Vermont for the last 12 seed killed me. I gave the edge to Vermont because of their superior NET and general consistency against Q3 and Q4.

    Any of the four 14 seeds could be a 15 seed instead of Longwood. Don’t feel great about that.

    But alas, Selection Sunday is here, and the die is cast. Hopefully this goes well.

  • Bracketology 3/8/22

    Bracketology 3/8/22

    Folks, we’re getting down to it. I spent far too much time on this so I have no column to offer, but I’m happy to answer any bracketology questions on Twitter.


  • Bracketology 2/26/22

    Bracketology 2/26/22

    Hello, reader. Much has happened since you last heard from me. It was the first week of March, 2020, I was a junior in college, San Diego State and Dayton were legitimate contenders for 1-seeds––it was a simpler time.

    My parting words from that bracketology column? The Madness has already begun. If I only knew…

    Hopefully I’ll get the chance to build out this hastily-thrown together WordPress site at some point and maybe address what I’ve been up to in the two years since you’ve heard from me. But for now, I’m a busy first-year law student (?!) so I have no real column to offer at the moment. Whether you’ve read my bracketology stuff before or you’re new around here, thanks for checking this out.

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